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Here's to blogging, a new adventure!

Hi and welcome! If you are reading this you are reading my first blog post in probably a decade.With a website remodel and a bit more free time on my hands I felt now was the best time to start. I'm going to start by throwing it back to one of my favorite weddings ever, the Robinson wedding. Now, this wedding was actually my first booked photography gig here in Sidney. Amanda grew up with my husband, they dated in middle school and he tells me about it all the time, but she was pretty quick to ask me to photograph their wedding just through that connection and I was quick to say yes. As beautiful as this day was and as these photos are, it was a challenging day to say the least.

First challenge that was out of anyones control was the weather. An outdoor planned wedding with no plan b until 24 hours prior, it was a lot. The poor country club was packed as full as it could be I think but they made it work. Second challenge was my own, I misplaced one of my main lenses. Turns out I left it at the house everyone was getting ready in prior to heading to the country club for the ceremony. We tore apart that poor country club boutique looking for it, I had no clue where it was. With the wedding being indoors that only left me with one lens, my favorite 50mm, to photograph the entire wedding. It did it's job but not without its challenges in such a small space. None the less, the day was beautiful and the images turned out beautiful. I love this couple with my whole heart and I'm so happy they have each other. Not to mention their families are some of the best people so it was easy to see where they got their awesomeness from. As I sit here at my desk I still have the boutonnière beautifully dried and on display that the mother of the bride got for me. I will never grow tired of being able to be a part of such special moments in people's lives. Weddings hold a special place in my heart. I want all my brides to know that I'm there not just as your photographer but as your friend. Whatever you need me for, I am there.

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